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admire the unique flora and fauna

Another unforgettable tourist attraction is the Biosphere Preserve of Askania Nova, Kherson Region, not far from the Black Sea coast.

It is the only area on the Eurasian continent that has preserved huge tracts of feather-grass steppe that shimmers in silvery waves with every puff of the wind. Bisons, buffalos, zebras and Scottish ponies peacefully graze amid the feather grass. Askania’s pride is the Przhevalski horse, of which there are about one hundred out of the 1,300 extant in the world. Ukraine is considered the second homeland of this rare ungulate animal of Asia. To date the preserve’s collection of fauna numbers 5,000 animals and birds representing 110 species originating from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Askania is frequently referred to as a “kingdom of birds” – graceful swans, ostriches, pheasants, cranes, peacocks, pheasants. Adventure-seeking tourists are offered photo safaris for them to imprint this kingdom on film. For those who prefer ecotourism Askania is a wonderful place to tour on horseback to delight in the wild beauty of prime nature.