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Traveling by Car

Knowing the traffic rules in Ukraine will save you the problems that may appear during the trip.

What to take with you

According to Ukraine law, a driver should carry a registration document, a customs declaration for the car, and his driver’s license. He must be able to show these documents at the request of a State Automobile Inspection Official. In case the car is rented you must have a document verifying your right to keep and use the car.

Be sure to have on hand at all times a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign or a red blinking lantern – they must be available in the car.


Filling stations in Ukraine are everywhere. Most of them work around the clock. Gas filling stations are rare. Payments are made in cash by the litre. Credit cards are not usually acceptable.

Some rules

The maximum speed for cars on Ukrainian roads is as follows:

* 60 km/h in inhabitant locality;
* 80 km/h on the roads for cars;
* 130 km/h on the highways (for example: the road to Boryspil Airport).

Buckle up! Fastening seat-belts is mandatory for the driver and all passengers. If your child is under 12 or his height is under 145 cm and the car has no special child seat, you’d better arrange the child on the back seat. In Ukraine the presence of alcohol in the driver’s blood is prohibited, so avoid consuming even low alcohol continent beverages if you plan to drive a car shortly. Breathalyzer tests are often conducted by traffic inspectors and transgressors are dealt with severely.


The rules of parking are more lenient than European ones. If you stop on the road section with a sign “Paid parking” the officer will record the length of your stay and when you are ready to leave will inform you of the amount you need to pay. In the downtown sector the cost of parking is about 1 UAH/h. You can stay however long you wish; there is no time limitation. And at night the parking officers sleep peacefully, to the pleasure of the car drivers.

A road accident

If you are involved in an accident you will need to call the State Automobile Inspection. You can reach them by dialing 02. Never walk off the scene of an accident – this is a serious violation. Do not allow the other party to talk you into making a private settlement, as you can become the victim of swindle. If your car is insured, all the more reason to wait for the State Automobile Inspection officials to arrive, as your insurance company will require information of the traffic militia about the accident. According to Ukrainian laws the materials of traffic rule violations are put before court. Imposing a fine on the spot is abolished. Foreigners are as responsible to abide by the law as anyone else. If you violated the traffic rules the traffic militia officer makes out a report and passes it to a court of the district where the accident happened you may appeal to the court against the official if you believe his actions incompetent.