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to plunge into the clamor of ancient battles

Anyone interested in the history of warfare and weaponry will be surprised by the extraordinary diversity of the Ukrainian heritage.

Numerous sites of battle glory, converted today into museums, remind of events that had a marked influence on the history of both Europe and the world. A point of attraction in this respect is the city of Poltava, at which the troops of Peter I defeated the army of King Charles XII of Sweden and sealed the ultimate victory in the northern wars.

Tourists interested in old weapons should visit the Arsenal Museum of Weapons in Lviv, the only one of its kind in Ukraine and among the richest collections in Europe.

Yet another tourist center is Sevastopol built around a sheltered bay on the Crimean Peninsula. Founded in the 5th century B.C. as the Greek colony of Chersonesus, it was the site of numerous wars and battles, where swords clashed, horses neighed, bullets whined, and cannon and rockets shattered the air in deafening explosions. The exhibits in the Museum of the Heroic Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol reflect not only the events of the Crimean War but also the Second World War. The Valley of Death at Balaklava near Sevastopol is yet another reminder of the Crimean War and, specifically, the fateful charge of the Light Brigade. While in the Crimea, visit by all means the Livadia Palace where the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, met at the historic Conference of Yalta. You will have the unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the conference that put an end to the last world war in modern history.