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Traveling by Air - Airports in Ukraine

The quickest, most convenient and romantic means of travel to Ukraine is air transport. Most international flights go through Boryspil International Airport. As well as offering a comprehensive service of domestic flights, some regional airports also provide an international service. Lviv airport in west Ukraine has connections with Warsaw, Prague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Chicago. Odessa's airport on the Black Sea coast has international flights to and from Vienna and Moscow.

Boryspil airport: airlines, flights and prices

Boryspil international airport is situated 40 km away from downtown. It receives flights from throughout the world. Here work representative offices of multitude of airlines. Among the leading Ukrainian companies one can name “Ukraine International Airlines” which provides air communication with Western Europe, and “Aerosvit” which specializes in flights in Europe and CIS. During the vocational season and on big holidays, Christmas, for example, the airport may be overloaded, so we advise you to book tickets well in advance.

There is a discount system for children’s and handicapped tickets and discounts for those buying two way tickets and fro tour groups. You can get information on prices and book tickets directly at the airlines or at tourist agencies.

Services and prices

Lately the airport was renovated, its handling capacity has increased; faster services for passengers have been organized. Handy luggage carts are free of charge. In the airport there is a post office, a medical emergency station and an interpreter’s service firm. Friendly workers at the information desk will give you advice on any questions you may have.

In front of the desk there is direct telephone to the Boryspil hotel, where you can visit the restaurant or kill some time in a cozy room in front of a TV set, if, for example, your flight is late. The hotel is near the airport: book a room and special shuttle will drive you and your luggage to the hotel entrance free of charge.

In the airport there is a currency exchange booth, where you can change your money for the Ukrainian hryvnia.

You can have a snake in a cafe on the ground floor. A small cup of coffee cost around $ 1, tea $ 0.5.

An Internet cafe is hidden away in the corner.

Near the cafe there is a shop, where one can buy many guidebooks of different cities of the world, magazines and souvenirs. On the first floor a duty-free shop and a pub are situated.

Getting to Boryspil

Drivers, awaiting clients at the airport, will charge you for the road to Kyiv around 100 UAH ($ 18-20). So it is much more profitable to get to Kyiv by bus and then take a taxi, which will drive you to the hotel. The “Poliot” shuttle bus goes to Pobedy Square through Leningradskaya Square. The trip takes about an hour. The trip takes about an hour. It is important to remember that the interval between bus departures is also approximately an hour long, so if you go to the airport, it is better to arrive at the bus terminal well in advance. Buses do not run from midnight to 4 a.m. The cost of a bus-ride is 8-10 UAH ($ 2).

To drive to Boryspil by taxi will cost you 65-75 UAH ($ 12-15).

Aiport “Kyiv” (Zhuliany)

The airport “Kyiv” (Zhuliany) is within the city limits. It mostly handles domestic flights within the borders of the country. You can get there in 40 minutes by taking trolleybus #9 from St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral or Pobedy Square or shuttle bus.

Telephone numbers:

Information desk in Boryspil Airport (+38 044) 296-72-43

Search for luggage (+38 044) 296-74-98

Hotel “Boryspil” (+38 044) 296-71-05

Information services and tickets desk (+38 044) 056

Information desk “Kyiv” (Zhuliany) Airport (+38 044) 242-23-08


Ukraine International Airlines (+38 044) 461-50-50

Aerosvit (+38 044) 220-52-67

Center of Business Aviation (+38 044) 247-17-90