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Why should I travel to Ukraine
Traveling by Air - Airports in Ukraine
Traveling by Train
to visit our holy temples
Kiev – the cradle of the Eastern Orthodox Church – is a holy city for many pilgrims both from Ukraine and abroad, who travel to Kyiv to visit its old majestic churches and golden-domed monasteries.
Traveling by Car
to simply unwind and have a good time
to bask in the rays of a southern sun
The Crimea is one of Ukraine’s most popular tourists centers famous for its resorts at Yalta, Alushta, Gurzuf, Foros and Yevpatoria. Located almost in the middle between the equator and the Northern Pole, the Crimean Peninsula is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.
to plunge into the clamor of ancient battles
Anyone interested in the history of warfare and weaponry will be surprised by the extraordinary diversity of the Ukrainian heritage.
to feel the surge of adrenaline
The Crimean Peninsula can satisfy the whims of the most exacting adventure seekers. You can go in for yachting, underwater swimming, mountain hiking, rafting, hang gliding, paragliding, parachuting, mountain cycling, outings on horseback, and cave exploring.
to sumptuosly entertain the inner man
to hear the voice of centuries
Different peoples left behind a multitude of fortification structures on the Ukrainian lands throughout the ages.
to improve your health and keep in excellent shape
Apart from a good rest in harmony with nature, the Carpathians will add to your health. The entire highlands and neighboring areas have since long been famous for their mineral water, of which there are 400 springs in Transcarpathia alone.
admire the unique flora and fauna
Another unforgettable tourist attraction is the Biosphere Preserve of Askania Nova, Kherson Region, not far from the Black Sea coast.
to taste the world’s best dessert wines
While in Crimea, make it a point of tasting the legendary local wines.
inhale the air of blue-tinted mountains
The Carpathian Mountains in western part of Ukraine, with their mighty fir and beech forests, swift rivers, rainbowed waterfalls, lucid lakes, and colorful alpine meadows invariably enchant their guests. The oldest cities in this region – Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhgorod – each with an image of its own and an eventful historical background, can be a wonderful starting point for a hike up the mountains.
to see the birthplace of the Eastern Slavs’ culture
The recorded history of the Eastern Slavs takes its origin from the times of Kyivan Rus, a mighty state of medieval Europe.