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Ukrainian Carpathians - a trip back to the Middle Ages
Movable borders between countries and empires have been running through the region for millennia. Therefore, every historic period left its mark on the cultural tradition and the appearance of cities. In the 12th century a powerful state, the Galicia-Volyn principality, often mentioned in ancient European chronicles times, was formed here.
Ukraine - welcome to feel the peculiarity of the Carpathian region
far from urban hustle and bustle
winter rest
the rest for invigoration
Travel to Carpathians - take your breath away
If rest without excitement is not your cup of tea, then the Carpathian region is a real boon for you. Mountain rivers will offer you routes for experienced water sportsmen as well as novices
Ukrainian Carpathians - keepsake souvenirs
Carpathians tour - taste Hutsul dishes
potatoes, mushrooms, brynza and sheep cheese
Carpathians - welcome to participate in an usual festival
Holidays and festivals in both small and big cities of the region are special events. They are full of national color, unusual actions and of course festive mood.
The Ukrainian Carpathians
make a tour in a land of mountains and alpine meadows