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Ukrainian traditions, Rites and Ceremonies

The Ukrainian people’s native customs are primarily connected with the traditional way of thought and outlook on life that have been forming throughout the ages, and preserved quite a few features of the pre-Christian beliefs.

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Ukrainian Folklore

The folk culture and art of Ukrainians are justly considered a part of the most abundant gains of the European cultural inheritance. Diversified genres and perfection of forms, poetic and exquisite lyricism, profound philosophical thought and irrepressible fieriness are defining the colors of the Ukrainian folklore.

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Ukrainian Folk Musical Instruments

Husla, Kobza, Bandura, Lyre or Relia, Surma, Trembita, Sopilka, Tsymbaly

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Ukrainian Traditional Dress

The array of the Ukrainian traditional clothing is characterized by wide regional and ethnic diversity. Even adjacent villages displayed dissimilarity let alone Hutsul, Lemkiv or Rusyn styles; secondly, the multiformity is the effect of neighborhood other ethnoses and ethnic groups. Thus, the border territories of Polissia, Volyn, Lemkivschyna, Boikivschyna, Hutsulschyna, and Bukovyna manifest variations of the traditional dress formed under the Polish and Romanian influence as well as that of Southern Slavs, Hungarians, peoples of the Caucasus, especially of Circassians.

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Ukrainian Decorative Arts and Crafts

The Ukrainian applied art is rooted deep in the past. From chronicles and other monuments of Kyivan Rus it is known that crafts already existed then to properly become Ukrainian later. For instance, the oldest types of folk applied arts and crafts are woodcarving (e.g., wood sculpture carving), carpet making, embroidery, pottery and ceramics.

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Ukrainian Cookery

Since times immemorial, Ukraine had been glorious with its lavish cuisine with its borsch and pampushky (buns), varenyky (small casings of pastry with various fillings) and sausages, pot roasts and drinks made of fruits and honey known in far away places. Certain foods, for instance, borsch, have age-old histories and the majority of dishes characterized by complex choice of ingredients and variety of heat application in preparing food such as boiling, frying, braising and baking. The technologic cycle of this kind makes for aroma, richness and unique gustatory properties of the Ukrainian cookery.

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On the national scale, in Ukraine the following days are set apart for observance or commemoration:

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