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Bohdan Stupka

Bohdan Stupka - actor of theatre and cinematograph.

born in Lviv region - village of Koulykiv - on the 27th of August 1941.

over 100 roles in theatre:

  • Zadorozhnyi in "Ukradene Schastha" ("Stolen happiness")

  • Tevje in "Tevje-Tevel" by Sholom-Aleikhem
    His biggest success "sold-out" for last 14 years.

and over 50 roles in cinematograph:

  • "Bilyi ptakh z chornojy oznakojy" (1970-72)
    The film was prohibited by decree of the XXIV meeting of Communist Party of Ukraine.
    The script was written by Yurii Iljenko and Ivan Mykolaichuk. It is about a tragedy of a family in Boukovyna where one of the three brothers becomes "banderivets". And 29 year old Bohdan Stupka played this role in a best way. The role is considered to be one of the best in Soviet cinema.

    After this success in Bohdan Stupka is invited to other films:
  • in "Krasnyje Kolokola" he played a Russian politician of the beginning of the XX centry- Alexandr Kerenskyi
  • "Nikolay Vavilov" - a scientific forgere of Stalin times Trofima Lysenko
  • in "Seryje Volki" - KGB "predesedatel" Vladimira Semichasnoho
  • in "With Fire and Sword" (Ogniem i Mieczem) - Hetman Bohdan Khemlnytskyi.
  • in "East-West".

In 1960 Bohdan Stupka almost lost his eye. It happened during play "Faust and Death" staged by theatre studio of L'viv Drama Theatre named after Maria Zankovetska in "MHAT" - Moscow Art Theatre named after A.Chekhov. Luckily the injury was cured.

In 1960-70 Bohdan Stupka was not admited to "positive" roles. He would not have match criteria of Soviet "good comrades".

He made himself as an actor in theatre studio atThe Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatre. His teacher was Borys Tyahno - student of Les' Kurbas and Solomon Mikhoelsa who admited him to the studio. Serhiy Danchenko - chief producer ofThe Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatreat that time was giving him main roles in classic plays.

Bohdan Stupka - Honoured artist of Ukraine.

1978 Serhiy Danchenko becomes art director of The Ivan Franko National Drama Theatre and invites Bohdan Stupka to Kyiv.

1980 Bohdan Stupka - National artist of Ukraine

In 1989 Serhiy Danchenko gave a premiere of "Tevje - Tevel" which is conidered to be the best one staged in The Ivan Franko National Drama Theatre till today. Bohdan Stupka plays a role of Tevje-milkman. The play is a grand success for last 14 years with a "sold-out". Stupka's Tevje is welll-known to European theatres and in New York Theatre it has been staged twice with a "sold-out".

1991 Bohdan Stupka - National artist of USSR

1999 - Minister of Culture. He supported financing of Ukrainian cinema. "Bohdan-Zinovij Khmelnyzkyi" - director Mukola Mashchenko. "Molytva za Hetmana Mazepu" of Yurii Ilnenko. Due to his efforts financing of Ukrainian cinematograph has been increased for 30%. "Molytva" has been shown at Berlin fastival in 2002 and has been awarded "Golden Fish" at cinema festival in Poland.