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St. George Cathedral
XII. Ploshcha Svyatoho Yura, 5.
St. Andrew s church
Started in 1600. Soborna sq., 3.
The Latin Cathedral
XIX. Katedralna str., 1. The Cathedral of Virgin Mary's Dormition.
St. Michael's church
XVII . Vynnychenka 22.
The Church of Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception
Year 1885. Ivana Franka, 56
St. Volodymyr's and Olha's Church
1991-1996. Symonenka str., 5a.
Church of the Lord's Ascension
1897-1901. Address: 23, Starovoznesinska str.
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Cover
1739-1777. Address: 5, Grushevskoho.
The Ancient Church Of The Order Of Poor Clares - Museum Of The Sacral Sculpture
1607. Lychakivska str., 2.
St. George's Church
1897-1901. Korolenka str., 3.
St. Peter's and Paul's Church
1660. 82 a, Lychakivska str.
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Cover
blessed in 1934. Address: 175, Lychakivska str.
St. Anthony's church
1617. Lychakivska str., 49a.
Church of St. John the Goldenmouth
Church of the Lord's Presentation
1642-1692. Vynnychenka str., 30.
Church of the Virgin's Unwearying Help
XIV. Mariji Snizhnoji, 1.
Church of All Saints
Year 1597. Vicheva Square, 2.
St. Parascevia's Church
Year 1644. Bogdan Khmelnytsky str., 77. The church of Holy Great-Martyr Parascevia (Friday).
St. Onuphrius' Church
Year 1550. Bogdan Khmelnytsky str., 36
St. Nicholas Church
Year 1242. Bogdan Khmelnytsky str. , 28a
St. Anna's Church
XVI century. Address: 32, Horodotska.
Church of the Blessed Eucharist
1407. Muzeyna str., 1.
Armenian Church
1363-1908. Virmeska str., 7.
The Virgin Mary's Assumption church
Years: 1591-1631. Blessed: 1631. Ruska, 5. The church of Virgin Mary's Dormition and the Korniakt Tower.
Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth
1903-1911. Address: 1, Kropyvnytskoho.
The Church of Transfiguration
Years 1851-1906. Krakivska str., 21
Jesuit Cathedral
1610-1635. Teatralna str., 13. The Church of St. Apostoles Peter and Paul.
The Church of St. John the Baptists
1371. Staryy Rynok square.
The Church Of Maria Magdalena
XVII century. 10, Stepan Bandera str.
The Church of St. Lazararus
1635-1640. Address: 27, Kopernika str.